Stills from S5E9 “It Takes a Villiage”




I tell ya, that is one sexy motherfucker.

AU ~ In which Maura confesses her love to Jane by accident.


"I know how much you hated to miss his birth and I love that you come home every day to smother him in kisses. Just remember you have a wife for that."

"Maura we’re not doing it in front of the baby."

Actual Scenes vs Bloopers

R&I meme | 6 characters (5/6)

Maura Isles…How do I even begin to explain Maura Isles?

and make sure everything is alright.



anonymous asked: can you make a gifset of the other Got Milk bts thing?

this is so freaking cute.

I love this gif set! You can totally see in these pictures that Angie is like ‘look at my babies, aren’t they adorable!’ So cute