Is that a hickey? Why does Jane have a hickey? Who is giving Jane hickeys? Casey isn’t here………why is someone else giving my Jane hickeys? Wait did I give her that hickey? Oh God Casey will be home soon he will know I gave her that hickey….he will kill me with his military training. I must assume a new identity. Chanel Gucci. That’s a name right? It’s going to be a name now. No one will suspect my past identity. I’ll live in Congo. Will Jane come? Wait she’s talking to me. Why is she talking about reddish brown stains on the ceiling at a time like this? Oh God Maura-No Chanel focus! I’m going to miss the Homicide unit. They’re a bunch of cuties. Goddammit Casey if only you treated Jane well and stayed for her she wouldn’t need to cheat with me and we could wear our hickeys proudly. This is all his fault! Angela will be so disappointed in us. Oh no, I didn’t think about Angela. Has she seen the hickey? She saw the hickey. Is that why she was smiling at me strangely? Does everyone know? They all know! Be cool Chanel, be cool. Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let them know. WELL NOW THEY KNOW. 

Made my day

"When Callie says that to Arizona, everybody had the same reaction… no one knew where to look! Like, ‘OK….’ Everyone wanted to disappear. Including me."  Jessica Capshaw

Food for Thought | protective!Jane


Arizona holding babies


Arizona Robbins | 10x20
Sleep ._.

I haven’t been sleeping lately ._. So I might as well talk to people that aren’t asleep either. We can chat and talk about Calzona or rizzles or pretty much anything at this point. I just need something dammit ! XD fan girl with me about tonight’s episode of greys! Or ask me questions. I’m just bored!! D: